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Team & Coach Profiles

Head Coach K2 Gibson
Being the head coach is a great honor. I have the very best coaches and volunteers in the world. We all learn so much from our kids; they teach us every day! The real heroes are the parents that raise these wonderful kids.

Giants Team

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Coach Billy Richardson and dad of player, B.J.
When my son was 8 years old he became involved with the GS Miracle League. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to be involved with this great program and see to see these great athletes on the field.

Coach Robert Clark
Coaching for the Miracle League is an honor and a privilege. The players are such an inspiration and bring joy to all the lives they touch. I’m truly blessed to be part of this wonderful organization!

Royals Team

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Coach Kristel Darling and mom of player Peyton
I started out as a Mom of a player in 2007 and loved what the Miracle League was all about. I wanted to be more involved so I stepped up to coach one of the teams. You can’t help but smile whenever you are on the field with all of the players.

Coach Donna Weinberg
I started coaching Miracle League in 2008. I love being with the kids, they are truly amazing. They remind me every day to appreciate every little gift that is life!

Yankees Team

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Coach Howie Weinberg
I began coaching GS Miracle League in 2006. Over the years it has become such an important part of my life. It is a humbling experience to play and interact with all of my kids.

Coach Ray Burton
I have had the opportunity to help raise a “stepson” with very high functioning Asperger’s autism a few years ago. I am so very blessed to have had those special experiences in my life. I look forward to helping the GS Miracle League as a coach.

Red Sox Team

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Coach Mike Stonefield
As the Current President of Myrtle Beach Lions Club, I stay busy giving back to the community and enjoying family. I have been married to my wife Deborah for 50 years and have 3 children and 9 grandchildren.

Coach Traci Mitchell and mom of player, Cody
Helping with coaching makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, but there is nothing better than the smiling faces of players when they hit a ball for the first time or the 100th time. Everyone needs to come out just once to cheer on these champions. You will be hooked!

Advanced Teams

Cubs Team

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Coach Mike Purvis
Mike helped lead the Advanced Teams along with Van Abbott, to win a Gold medal at the 2016 Special Olympics games.  “We love all the smiles we see and the families we get to know through the Miracle League.

Pirates Team

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Coach Van Abbott and dad of player, Jacob
I started coaching for the GS Miracle Leagues in 2006 for my step-son, Jacob. He wanted to play team sports and learn how to play the game of baseball. This has been a great fit for him and for me!